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How to cope with high Electric current in cone crusher operation

Promulgator: Cone Crusher       Send date: 2013-07-04 15:58

As we know cone crusher has been the main mining machienry in stone production line and sand making plant,there are many of everyday problems in cone crusher maintenance and performance,here we will illustrate the solution to cope with high electric current in cone crusher operation:

Great Wall company experts summarize several reasons of high electric rurrent in cone crusher.First reason is t feeding materials too much;on the secondly Bad lubrication;Bearings or spherical bearing damage; Serious shortage of bearing contact area; Big bevel gear with spherical bearing lower friction.the soltions to problems are Adjust the feeding size of materiasl, 
Strengthen the lubrication system check, Replace cone crusher bearings or spherical bearing; To blow grind or replacement.Add cushion at the bottom of the spherical bearing.

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