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Operation announcement of cone crusher

Promulgator: Cone Crusher       Send date: 2013-07-15 17:27

Cone crusher will appears all kinds of problems due to its working conditions and some mistaken operation maintenance, Great Wall company recommends the operation announcement of cone crusher in daily apllication,so as to ensure the smooth operation of cone crusher.We should keep the cone crusher working under the condition of even feeding and within the max feeding size.

The steps of peration announcement on cone crusher 
1.Do full-loading operation,Or cone crusher appears too coarse product grain size. 
2.The crushing ratio of production line should be reasonable, so as to fulfil maximium efficiency of cone crusher
3.Lubricating oil temperature cannot or too high or too low,which has close relationship with cone crusher capacity. 
4.cone crusher Should have iron removal device to prevent iron entering crushing cavity , or it may cause accident and break shaft.
5.The spring pressure can't too close or too loose, too much pressure will also break cone crusher shaft,too lillte  spring pressure effect the smooth operation and produce coarse particles.
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